Why Some Become Addicts and Some Don’t

There are multiple factors that could be blamed for addiction. With the abundance of substance abuse issues in our country today, it's easy to blame the individual, to say that they were hanging out with the wrong crowd or stressing over work or home life. However, not everyone who tries drugs becomes an addict. Why? There are multiple reasons. Here, we will discuss some possible determining factors in addiction.

Believe it or not, addiction can be a genetic issue that can be inherited. Kids with parents who are addicted to drugs are at four times greater risk for addiction of their own. More than 60% of people who deal with alcohol abuse also have a family history of the same issues.

According to thedoctorweighsin.com, "Genetic predisposition plays a role in all diseases including addiction. For whatever reasons, not of our choosing, we are born with our genetic makeup and must deal with both the strengths and weaknesses of what is passed down to us through our genetic line. What this means is that some people have a stronger genetic pull to manifest with and suffer from addiction than others and still others may not have any susceptibility at all."

Stress plays a major part in our life. Whether it's environmental or physical, it can impact our health, mindset, and overall wellness. A person who deals with constant stress from work, school, or home life can be at risk for developing an addiction to drugs if they use them to relax or get away from the stress of life.

Trauma could also be the cause of addiction. Individuals who have suffered from child neglect or abuse or have lost a loved one may be more apt to suffer from addiction because of the trauma they've experienced.

Trying drugs and intermittent drug abuse can lead to addiction. However, not everyone is subjected to the same risks for addiction. Head over to our next blog for more on why some people become addicts and some don't.

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