How Long Does Alcohol Detox Take?

North Carolina DetoxMaking the decision to go through the process of alcohol detox won’t be easy.  It means time spent away from family and friends, work, or school. While choosing to detox is the right choice, that doesn’t make it easy. However, our North Carolina detox center will be with you every step of the way. Our licensed nurses and professional medical doctors will walk you through each and every step. Because our staff offers support through counseling, you will go through the detoxification process and be ready to leave our center and enter into rehab. There, you will find recovery and begin a new life without a need for alcohol.

Our safe and supportive setting offers anyone 18 years or older the ability to detox in a center where medical staff will be on hand at all times. Our inpatient services will help you with medication consultations and a medically monitored detox in a safe and secure environment. You’ll be continually monitored by medical teams that are able to provide the care you need to get clean.

Alcohol detox is something that can be done over the course of seven to 10 days. The length of the detoxification process will depend on how long alcohol abuse has been going on. In addition, the length of stay will also depend on physical, mental, and emotional needs, medical, behavioral or mental health conditions, history of addiction, and the severity of the alcohol abuse.

Because detox allows your body to rid itself of toxins that come from alcohol, there will be symptoms that come with withdrawal. While these symptoms will not be pleasant to experience, you will be safe and comfortable within our facility. We can offer support that helps minimize these symptoms. In most cases, symptoms begin being experienced between 48 and 96 hours after the last drink was consumed. In some cases, symptoms do not start until seven to 10 days after.

Once detox treatment is underway, many of the alcohol withdrawal symptoms fade after the first five days of the process. However, they sometimes can last for seven to 10 days. Again, this depends on a variety of factors that were included above.

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If you’re ready to begin your detoxification treatment contact our facility for North Carolina detox today. We can offer you medically-managed detox for alcohol abuse that leaves you clean and ready for rehab. Detox is the first step into a new life without alcohol. Call now to learn more about our medically managed detox treatment center, where you can work with trusted medical staff in a comfortable and safe environment.

At Freedom Detox, you'll find that we offer medically-monitored detoxification, medication consultation, in-house support, counseling and continuity of care referrals. We are here to help you get clean and ready for rehab. Our facility offers everything you need to successfully and safely detox from substances, without worrying about health concerns. Get back to leading a happy, healthy life without substance abuse by calling Freedom Detox.

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