Differences Between Detox and Rehab

North Carolina Drug RehabMany people are familiar with rehab for substance abuse. However, some assume that detox and rehab are the same things. In reality, they are two very different things. In order for rehab to work, detox has to occur. If you're looking for options for North Carolina drug rehab and detox, please call Freedom Detox today.

Rehab comes after the detox process. In a rehabilitation facility, you'll learn how to cope with drug triggers, cravings, and more. They'll teach you how to rejoin life, without using drugs. In addition, they'll give you the support you need to feel confident again. Rehab offers many different types of treatment programs that are great for individual needs.

Detox is a process that happens before rehab. Without it, recovery won't be successful. When you choose to go through detox, you'll enter into a process of eliminating toxins from your body. In the case of addiction, this procedure will guarantee removal of drugs or alcohol from an individual's body.

The most important thing to understand about detoxing from drugs or alcohol is the fact that symptoms coming from withdrawal can be uncomfortable. However, you'll be with professionals who can monitor your symptoms and help minimize them. Our facility will be sure to keep you safe and secure during this time.

During rehab, you'll have already gone through detox. That means you won't have to focus on anything except getting the help you need to fight triggers and learn how to live life again without substance abuse.

Rehab is typically geared towards an individual's needs. Detox is open to anyone. Of course, the detox process and how long it lasts will depend on the severity of the addiction and what type of drug was used. However, it will essentially be the same for everyone, in terms of the overall process. Rehab can be different in more ways than one. Treatment programs are tailored to fit the physical, emotional, and mental needs of the patient.

Some rehab centers offer outpatient therapy programs. That means you are free to come and go as you please. Our detox facility is inpatient. Why? Without a safe and secure, fully monitored environment, the detox process can't be completed properly. It can take seven to ten days to detox from drugs or alcohol. During that time, a number of symptoms can occur. When you are experiencing withdrawal, it's important to make sure you are medically monitored by our nurses and physicians to ensure a full detox.

North Carolina Drug Rehab and Medical Detox

If you’re ready to take the first step into North Carolina drug rehab and detox, be sure to contact our facility. There you will find a support group of professional nurses and physicians that can help you with medically monitored detox. This process is one that can be scary and overwhelming. However, you don’t have to detox alone. Trust our safe and comfortable environment at Freedom Detox to help with your detoxification. Then, you’ll be able to focus on rehabilitation and recovery as well as a new life without drugs or alcohol. Call Freedom Detox today to learn more.

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