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How to Ask for Help with Your Addiction Problem, Part Three

Finding the courage to ask for help can be difficult. No matter what you need help with, many people struggle to ask. However, when it comes to addiction, you'll need all the support and help you can get. Recovery is a long and overwhelming journey. Having people there to help along the way will make…
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How to Ask for Help with Your Addiction Problem

One of the most important first steps of recovery is realizing that you need help with addiction. Unfortunately, asking for help is not always easy. At times, you may think you’re alone. Your friends or family may not realize that you are addicted to drugs or alcohol. However, you have every right to ask for…
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Is Stem Cell Therapy the Future of Alcohol Abuse Treatment?

New studies are done every day in regards to addiction and alcohol abuse. Recently, a new study shows that after being treated for alcohol abuse, stem cell treatment can reduce abuse. If you're trying to locate a dependable center for Gastonia detox, call Freedom Detox today. During this study, rodents were bred to prefer drinking…
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Beating Drug Cravings! Part Four

No matter what stage of recovery you are in, triggers for drug cravings are all around. In our previous blog, we talked about triggers and what they mean. We mentioned that, most of the time, cravings are triggered by a person, place, emotion, or thing that reminds you of drug use and why you abused…
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