Why Some Become Addicts and Some Don’t, continued

We are back with more reasons why some people become addicts and some don't. If you missed our previous blog, check back here for more. Some people have an additional issue that they are dealing with during addiction or before they even try drugs or alcohol. This could be mental health disorders like depression, anxiety,…
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Why Some Become Addicts and Some Don’t

There are multiple factors that could be blamed for addiction. With the abundance of substance abuse issues in our country today, it's easy to blame the individual, to say that they were hanging out with the wrong crowd or stressing over work or home life. However, not everyone who tries drugs becomes an addict. Why?…
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More on Recovery Resentment and Relapse

We are back with more on recovery resentment and relapse. Unfortunately, resentment can be an emotion felt by those working towards recovery. Though many overcome those feelings, others do not. The negativity consumes them to the point that relapse is a real possibility. Here, you'll find additional information that can help you better understand the…
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Recovery Resentment and Relapse, continued

Recovery resentment is a real thing that many addicts go through. Though it is human nature to feel some resentment towards a negative situation it is typically something individuals can overcome with time. However, in some cases, those in recovery may not be able to overcome resentment. At this point, it may end in relapse.…
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