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Recovery starts with sobriety. Make getting clean a reality with the help of our highly-trained medical staff.

Why choose our center?

We care enough to be one of the very few accredited and certified drug and alcohol detox centers in North Carolina. Insurance accepted. 24x7 care. Modern and clean rooms. Loads of amenities.

Check your benefits now.

We've have trained admissions staff waiting on your call. We'll discuss costs, your insurance benefits, and any other questions you may have. Our JCAHO accreditation means most plans are accepted so don't hesitate to reach out if you're unsure.

insurance accepted detox for drugs and alcohol

We're different.

Many detox centers and hospitals have a number of "additional" charges for items we feel you need to detox and remain sober. We don't believe that is the right approach. We offer Vivitrol at no cost to all clients. In many cases, this shot can cost hundreds, if not, more than $1,000 to receive. Here's a brief look at why we offer it as part of your standard stay.

free vivitrol
vivotrol for detox

We're JCAHO accredited.

Freedom Detox is a JCAHO accredited medical drug and alcohol detox facliity. Joint Commission (JCAHO) accreditation and certification is a mark of quality that reflects a commitment to meeting documented, proven medical care standards for care and treatment. We're proud to provide the highest quality of care possible for you and your loved ones.

We're LegitScript certified.

LegitScript Certification provides a recognized stamp of approval for healthcare and addiction treatment providers and is the only certification recognized by Google and Facebook. A rigorous exploration of the faclity's protocols, procedures, and background is necessary to successfully pass this certification. Our successful certification by LegitScript is something we're very proud to display.

Real people. Real results.

We care about you and it shows. We take pride in our modern, clean facilities. And our highly trained staff know just how to care for you during this difficult time. Don't just take our word for it. See what others have to say about Freedom Detox.

  • Kelly’s Experience

    I am forever grateful that I landed at your detox center, above others. This "family" of folks will always have a special place in my heart. Freedom Detox goes above and beyond meeting needs beyond just the "clinical" requirements. They've…

  • Luke’s Experience

    I didn't want to be here, but I came. My wife encouraged me in spite of my push back. I was only doing this for her. But once I was able to attend groups and have a few sessions with…

  • Brad’s Experience

    What more can a guy ask for but to feel loved! Got here and it was like I've known everyone forever. The food was great. The laughs, the staff, the feedback and encouragement in groups, the resources that we could…

  • Steve’s Experience

    The opportunity you guys gave me. I feel I could never repay you guys for your care and concern. The way you guys made sure I ate, (which was good) was very helpful. Your staff personally went out and bought…

  • Lynn’s Experience

    I was a mess coming in and several days while here, but you all never got tired of me, my anxiety, my tears, etc. You listened to, cared for, and encouraged me. You helped me try new things, and look…

  • Mark’s Experience

    This is a beautiful place, very relaxing, and the overall experience was great. Getting to make suggestions, provide feedback, have great conversations, and really focus on getting over this hump was more than one could ask for. Meeting great people…

  • Angie’s Experience

    My son brought me to Freedom Detox because he had gone through your program. He told me that while being here he wanted to give up and leave. You encouraged him to stay. He told me how well you guys…

  • Veronica’s Experience

    I came to Freedom Detox with a high level of social anxiety and fear. I didn't know what to expect, and the thought of being around too many people not knowing how they would be or how I would be…

  • Tina’s Experience

    This was a unexpectedly pleasant experience: good food, good people, good groups, honesty, care, love, and all. It was like being around family. I'm not one for a lot of talking, but the way y'all encouraged us, and set the…


Medically-managed Detox

Our Charlotte detox center was designed with you in mind. Detox in private or combined living spaces under the care of our dedicated, trusted medical staff.

Who we are.

From the initial contact through discharge, our Medical Staff will show you why Freedom Detox is the Carolina's best choice for detox. We are a 16-bed Inpatient facility that provides medically-managed detoxification for drugs and alcohol. For your benefit, we provide individualized care in a clinical setting throughout your detox to ensure privacy and discretion.

What we do.

Our Inpatient detox center consists of 10 private and 3 double-occupancy rooms for medically-monitored detox. While you reside with us, there are a variety of services at your disposal including: medication consultations, in-house support, counseling, and continuity of care referrals. Our medical teams monitor your condition and provide timely care, as needed. Our goal is to get you clean and introduce aftercare that matches your situation.

Who we serve.

We provide a private, safe and supportive setting. Our medical detoxification treatment services are available to anyone 18 years and older regardless of age, race, gender, national origin, religion, disability status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or county of residence. We accept most major insurance plans and private pay from individuals.

What to expect.

From the onset, you can expect to be treated with respect and concern. You'll receive clinical triage, health screenings, and ongoing safety checks throughout detoxification. Your room is a safe and secure environment. And our licensed and credentialed team consists of nurses, medical doctors, counselors, and other support staff. We'll meet you every step of the way and ready you to leave our center with aftercare options.

In the news.

Learn more about our drug and alcohol detox center and how our approach is different.

Take a tour.

Our clean and modern facility gives you the comforts of home while your detoxing. We ensure every patient receives the privacy and respect you deserve. Our 10 private and 3 double-occupancy rooms were designed around your needs. We go the extra mile to help make the best of a very difficult situation.

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